Saturday, April 1, 2017

Submission #6 - Overall Reflection

Going through one whole trimester of Career & Professional Development II, it has surely been a journey filled with lots of new exposure and experience. Firstly, submission of assignments was done through posting on our personal online blog, which was meant to showcase the professional articles or thought processes we had to potential colleagues or clients in the future. It was a brand-new experience doing so, however I believe that there are better alternatives to showcase our works.

Secondly, lessons were intriguing as they were interactive and engaging, which helps us understand the different communication skills better through hands-on demonstration each week. From understanding how a simple self-introduction can affect someone’s impression of you, where we took note of how simple phrasing of different lines can impact so much. We also understood the barriers to communication, where we explore different alternatives to handling situations thrown at us. We were also made to build our personal branding, where we explored the strengths and weaknesses of ourselves, and realise how much we have grown over the years. Effective communication, where we put into play our understanding of the hospitality, coming up with various service recovery to one single scenario. Each week of career & professional development lesson has been helpful to me in preparing me for the next phase of life, adulthood.

Lastly, we were separately into groups of 3-4 whereby we were tasked to choose among a list of scenarios to come up with solutions on how to solve such problems in the industry. Through working as a team on the respective scenarios, we could put what we have learnt over the past few months into our problem solving.

All in all, this journey has been worthwhile as it has made me a better listener, and a lot more confident to speak up.

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  1. Dear JiaLe,

    Thank you for this reflection on our communication module in which you detail some of your reactions to the various components. I’m glad you found the learning experience generally positive. There are some areas that I note in particular in your post.

    For one, I'm especially interested in your lukewarm response to the blog-posting of the various writing assignments in CPDII on a personal blog, from the opening intro to the interpersonal communication problem to the service recovery letter. Of course, the impetus behind the use of a blog platform is so that students' written communication in the module becomes a multi-modal, multi-person interaction, not just a one-to-one exchange. with the instructor. It's interesting when you suggest "there are better alternatives to showcase our works." Unfortunately, you didn't mention what one of those alternatives might be.

    You seem to be more positive on the in-class activities and on the research project.
    I do hope you can transfer some of the skills and know-how learnt or polished in CPDII to future study and work.

    All the best as you continue your learning journey!